Monday, November 22, 2010

THEY...are having a baby

Sooooo........It's officially out so I can express my excitement. Our fantastic friends, Marysol & David, are Having a Baby. They are due in early July....on the very day of their 6th Anniversary. Monty thought it was weird when I counted back weeks from their due date to figure out exactly how far along she is. Pffff....I'll only admit to being mildly stalker-esk. They were very excited to tell us when we showed up in our old ward (just for the heck of it) at the beginning of the month. If we hadn't have been in the chapel when David blurted it out; I would have screamed with excitement. It has been interesting seeing guys & girls that were early teens when we moved here; turn into husbands & wives & now turning into Daddies & Mommies SIDE-BAR..... I have to admit tho...I think that we may have lost our babysitters. They are soooooo great with our boys....The boys really love them. I did mention that to David & he said... "Oh no..we'd just bring the baby with us." That's noble...we'll see. We love you Mommy & Daddy!!!!! We are crazy excited for you. As my Dad said when we anounced that we were expecting Haiden.... "It's about bloody time."