Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2......How on earth did that happen?!?

On Sunday, my baby, Slader, turned 2. I quite honestly don't know how that happened.
My nostalgic, emotional mind spent all day recounting, hour by hour, what was happening 2 years ago. You know..." This time 2 years ago we were heading to the hospital." & "this time 2 years ago he was 2 hours old."
He is a VERY determined, independent little being. He does not like to be directed or forced to do anything. I think that a huge part of that is that he has 3 big brothers that he is hell-bent on keeping up with.
All of my boys have been really great sleepers, but this guy is amazing. When we were trying to put him to bed around 11:00pm, he started wanting to go to bed earlier. Now he starts to melt down around 8:30 is usually in bed around 9:30 & generally sleeps 'til 10:30 or 11:00+ in the morning. I am now able to put him in his bed wide awake & he falls asleep on his own.
Anyway.....We sure do love this little monster.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Torture

So, to alleviate a huge swack of the Christmas stress, Monty & I decided to wrap ALL (except for 4 that will be "from Santa") of the Christmas Presents on Saturday (December 10) & put them under the tree. (We were up 'til 1:00am wraping.) Let's just say it will be the ultimate test of restraint for the boys. I actually had to point them out to Haiden on Sunday morning.
It was also Slade's 2nd Birthday on Sunday, so we were really concerned that after he opened his birthday presents; that he wouldn't stay away from everything under the tree, but he hasn't touch them at all.....YET!!!!!
Soooooo.....on Christmas Eve when everyone else is stressin' about Santa coming down the chimney to deliver presents.....I'll be done & in bed....maybe.