Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Knickers in a Knot over a Status

I decided to name this post after a comment on my FB status. So this was my FB status yesterday.... "....I know all you Moms out there will know what I mean when I say......Oh how I look forward to the day when I'm dead & EVERYTHING about me will be perfected....& I don't wet my pants every...single...time I cough, sneeze or laugh too hard." I got a handful of "likes" & a handful of additions to it as well. THEN I received a private message from someone of whom I will not put a name to; but that some of you know. I am also going to censor about 8 words to continue to protect the anonymity of the person..... "I can not believe you just said that!! You can't wait til you die?!?! You are a train wreck! I wish that for once you would stop complaining every time you touch the keyboard! If you hate your kids so bad, stop having them!!! I wish nothing more than to have my mom alive, *CENSOR* Think before you type! Of all the people who have someone they love dead!!!! Now I will delete you as a "friend" because I can't stand the constant complaining!!!!" I responded to her over-reaction with this...... "...you seriously missed the point. I'm looking forward to the perfection that is promised to come. I saw your status today & it made me miss my dad (of whom has been gone nearly 10 years) just as much as you miss your mom. As much as I miss him; I am happy every day for the peace & comfort & freedom he now has from all the health impediments that plagued him for longer than I've been alive & was exaggerated by working the jobs he did. I know for absolute certainty that your mom has gained that peace as well. I have THEEEEE best life ever.....better than I could have ever imagined possible & see the absolute hilarity & irony in pretty much every single situation there is. BTW if you think that every time I make a comment about how my kids make me crazy; that I hate them; you are totally wrong. Don't you think that our mothers felt the same way about us growing up even when they hugged us good night & praised God that they survived another day without killing us. I have serious health problems that were only brought on by pregnancy & would I change that......not in a single heartbeat. I'm NEVER the only one that feels the way I do about being a wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, church member & or any other roll in my life that I hold in the highest regard. You are one person that has complained about something that I have said....but you would not believe the messages that I have received expressing gratefulness for saying things that prove (mostly to women) that they "are not the only one" feeling a certain way. Oh well though....if you feel so strongly that I'm "constantly complaining" it's better for you not to be on my list either. Sorry you were offended by my status, but there are several that "got it." *~*~*~*~*~*~* The fact that this person thinks that my status is in any way, shape or form about her or her mother's suffering; is beyond ridiculous. HOWEVER....my scandalous 1:00am status was 100% about her...& she didn't even see it. "..The person that this is about won't see this because of her absolute misunderstanding & sersious over-reaction to my previous status. A major thing that makes you a compassionate person is the ability to realize that death (even if (& especially if) it is of a loved one) is a great blessing & sweet release for someone who has suffered greatly in life. Though we selfishly want them back; the comfort SHOULD come from knowing that they are far better off...& free from suffering life's limitation. You'd think a (certain) nurse, of all people, would get that. If you are a nurse & you understand that...I would be honored for you to be at my bedside when I take my final breath. If you are a nurse & you DON'T understand that....shame on you."