Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Errand of Angels" for this Devil

It's been quite a while since I blogged anything let alone something mildly controversial.... Soooooo....Yay for all 3 of you that read my ramblings......Here it is....kinda.
So back at the late middle of May I received a call from Bishop Jensen saying that he would like to come over & talk with me.  I knew right away that he was coming to extend a Calling for Church.  When I told Monty the Bishop wanted to come, he said that I might not like what might be coming.  (I never do.)
I'm not one of these "accept EVERY SINGLE Calling" kind of a girl.  It's not so much that things are soooooooo "out of my box" or that I think I'm better than certain Callings.  For example:  I HATED Young when a Call to the be the Secretary in the Young Women's organization was extended to me, I quickly rejected it so as to NOT to pollute the great group of girls with my past misery.  And then when they recently wanted me to be Haiden's Primary teacher, I didn't think that was a very good idea.  Besides school, church is my spiritual recharge away from the boy(s).
Anyway, Bishop Jensen showed up, we chat a little bit & then he extends the Calling of Secretary of the Relief Society.
I excitedly accepted.  I am working with 3 amazing sisters.  The bishop told me I would be able to provide a lot of experience for this very young Relief Society Presidency.  The reality is that he was saying I'm old.  I'm the oldest member by 3 years.  I have been the Secretary before but I struggled with it.  I pray this time around will be better.
The 2 meetings that we have had I have struggled with balancing taking notes of the ACTUAL important things that are being discussed & my (rather) strong personal opinions about what is being discussed.
I told a friend today that I feel like "a fox in the hen house".
Good Lord....Bless me to just be quiet & subtle.  AMEN!!!!!