Friday, January 7, 2011

How stupid....!!!!! / We're opening up a can of "you-know-what".

Have you ever uttered the phrase... "How stupid is that person?!?!" Well....allow me to tell you how stupid I am. We just signed Chayse (7) & Haiden (9) up for legitimate "beat the crap out of one another classes"......& it was ALLLLL my idea. Here's the description in the community publication. " a non-competitive traditional Japanese martial art. Students work in partners or small groups taking advantage of a nurturing yet challenging learning environment. Advancement is through a colored belt ranking system beginning with yellow belt, moving toward black belt. Course objectives include; demonstrating respect, having good manners, showing discipline and having fun." TRANSLATION.... Bring your can opener.....'cuz we're gonna teach ya how ta open up a can your siblings. They will not be in the same class (thank goodness), but because they are both beginners they will likely be learning the same things at the same time. Please believe it was the "demonstrating respect, having good manners & showing discipline" is was caught my attention & what I am trying to achieve. Wish us luck & feel free to donate to our boy's funeral fund. I'm investing in a whistle & a black & white striped shirt.....I'll probably need a helmet too right?!


  1. Aikido is awesome! Steven Segal does Aikido and he rocks on everyone! Good Luck being the referee though!

  2. Sounds exactly what the ad was when I signed up all three of my boys for Karate. You will be surprised.....that learning respect for others part really does work. There was never any karate combat fighting in our house. And I didn't even have to make it a rule.

    Karate classes (or Aikido) you will find actually releases all that "boy" pent up energy. It's good for them. They will love it! And so will you. ; D

    We even joked with Colby that his Karate may come in handy sometime while he's on his mission. LOL! (He went as far as working on his black belt, before quitting in high school....too much of a tight schedule then to keep up.)