Monday, May 2, 2011

3 Old Ladies, a Wheelchair...& Some Tears

After you read this post; I hope that you will appreciate the fact that I drove like a crazy woman to get home in order to rant about it. So you better buckle up & hold onto your knickers.....this might get nasty.....or not...I don't know yet...we'll see.
So, a week or so ago Marni did a rant about (a maybe not so newly acquired) "Pet Peeve".....(Read Here) Well.......Here's my waaaaaaay amped up version.
Disclaimer ('cuz I figure I almost always need one whenever I open my mind & mouth).
I sometimes.....& usually don't mind old people....BUT.......
' it all it's splendorous rantiness.
"Just because you're old it doesn't (or at least..shouldn't) automatically entitle you to one of those handicapped parking passes."
THE STORY behind that statement......
While getting myself together to go into London Drugs, a zippy little silver car pulled into the handicapped stall 2 cars away from me. 3, very attractively dressed, spry as anything, old ladies literally jumped out of the car. 1 of the ladies (that was also the driver), actually skipped like a school girl, up to the door. Not a single one looked to have had any type of a "physical disability" that might impede her ability to walk across a parking lot. Hanging on the rear view mirror was a blue handicapped parking pass.
I was not at all impressed!!!!!!
Meanwhile, a large van pulled into the stall on the other side of me (farther away from the door) & left an over sized space between his van & mine (which I thought was strange at the time).
A handsome, middle-aged man, actually IN a wheelchair, disembarked from the driver's side door of his beautiful modified van. He DID NOT have a handicapped parking pass.
He acknowledged Brigham, who was standing on the curb watching the lift as it lowered him gingerly to the pavement, with a kind wave.
I said good afternoon to him & expressed to him my newly formed adoration for his very cool van & my frustration about the 3 ladies that were probably romping joyously around the store.
He gave me a sweet pat on the hand, & tickled Slader knee, & just shrugged. "Some people just don't know the true heights of their abilities, Sweet Girl." "Judge not." he said to me in the most velvety, sweet voice.
I just about fell on him in tears.
Pfffft.....I judged & still am...& I'm still ticked that those old (quite agile) gals parked in that spot. I hope the driver has a husband with diminished physical capacity so as to justify that parking pass.

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  1. I am sure that we get the same types of "looks" and hushed comments when we pull into a handicapped spot. My husband was given a handicap placard because of his DVT. To look at him you wouldn't think that he had a "noticable" disability, but that placard and a few saved steps have been a Godsend to him.