Thursday, October 20, 2011

That Baby is Havin' a Baby

I've been planning to blog about this for quite a while, but have repeatedly put it off for a couple of reasons....laziness & out of respect. Well, it's out now so I can say. So here it is.
When Monty & I started going out, his sister, Rhonda was pregnant. In early November she had a little girl, named Jenna Marie. You might remember from a past post about Jenna & Blake getting married. Well, if the event of that "little girl" getting married wasn't crazy enough....Well....I'm excited to blab that........Jenna & Blake are expecting their 1st little mcnasty in February.
We are super excited for them. Originally, they weren't going to find out whether it was going to be Pink or Blue, but have since changed that. They know.....& we know...but I probably shouldn't blab that part. I'm well on my way to being a "Great Auntie"....again. Soooooo exciting!

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