Sunday, March 14, 2010

Down by One....Almost!!!!

So, on Friday morning, while doing the boy's hair for school, Brig says to me "Chayse drew on the couch Mom." I didn't want to believe it, but I knew that it may very well be true. Chayse has been known to draw on things in the past & full on deny it & blame one brother or the other. NOTE...If you feel inclined to write on Dad's 52" TV (with a black Sharpie); don't leave your name; it can & will be used against you (& your butt). Anyway, so I go down to the basement; where Haiden willingly (& quite excitedly) shows me the side of the couch where one medium-sized blond boy had drawn an "X X /" in black Magic Marker. So, I find previously mentioned blond boy & ask him where the marker is. With marker in hand, I marched him up to Dad's bedside to tell him what he had done. (I am always concerned, in certain cases, that I may end up ringing the neck right off the shoulders of a child; so I feel as though it is prudent for me to extricate myself from a situation so as to protect myself & whichever child.) I walked away, so as not to be implicated in the pending carnage. There was screaming & there was crying. Then Monty asked if Chayse had a T-shirt that I didn't mind being written on. I found a red shirt on which Monty proceded to scrawl in the offending Magic Marker... "I drew on Dad's couch" & that's what he wore to school for all to see. There was more screaming & more crying & a bunch of.. "I don't want to wear this stupid shirt." & "I don't want to go to school." & as a last ditch effort "I'm sick!!!!!!!!!!!!" We didn't kill him, but YEEEEK...almost!!! Hopefully...Lesson Learned for all!

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  1. Monty is brilliant - we may have to use that tactic at some at some point.