Friday, April 16, 2010

How did I get here...& why ARE there 2 more kids????

So....have you ever arrived somewhere & then thought to yourself..."How the heck did I get here?"....& then realized...."Boy, that could have been dangerous for all involved. I could have really hurt someone." That happened today!!!!! I decided to walk to pick up the boys from school today. I strapped Slade into the Snugli & proceded to seriously over-dress. (It was waaaay nicer than I thought) When the bell went I wandered into the school to visit with Chayse's teacher, who just came back after Spring Break from a 2 month medical leave. So, after chatting with her for a few minutes we left the classroom. Oddly enough, Haiden had been in Chayse's classroom talking with Mrs. E too, so I didn't have to go looking for him. After straggling behind for about 3/4 of a block the whole way home & holding Brigham's hand, I arrived home to realize that the 2 of the 3 Chinese boys that walked with Haiden & Chayse are standing waiting to be let into my house. The older brother of the boys & their rather dignified grandfather were walking away waving & calling back "I have your number.....See you at 4:30." I was....shocked...stunned....& full blown flabergasted! "How did this happen????" "Wilson wants a snack Mom. Can he have a snack?" "Can we go down to the basement & play wii?"...were the questions that came next. So at 4:10 I get a call from previously mentioned dignified Chinese Grandfather asking to speak to Ryan, the older of the 2 boys. I guess they had just wandered around our complex for 20 minutes or so. The doorbell goes, I paste on a happy face & answer the door, send 2 extra children out the door, close the door & try my best to contain my wrath. It turned out that Chayse had given Wilson, the boy in his class, a piece of paper with my cell phone number on it. Wilson took this as an open invitation & wanted to know where we Chayse proceded to lead the family to our house without telling me that that was what was happening. I felt completely oblivious & furious!!! The weirdest thing was......after the initial bang on my kitchen ceiling from Wilson announcing "Watch me jump off here." & then actually jumping from Chayse's top bunk, it was strangely calm & quiet with 2 extra boys in the house. Maybe it's because I had strongly suggested (in front of all the boys) that Chayse was more than likely going to be "a dead man" in an hour & they all knew better than to be noisy. By the way, Chayse is still alive......for now!!!


  1. I think I'm going to change the name of my blog and adopt your title as my new montra in life "How did I get here...& why ARE there 2 more kids? I feel that way daily :D

  2. hahaha I always seem to have extra kids. My favorite is when they bring kids home and then ask me if their friend can play and the friend is standing right there. I am a suck and always say yes. Then later I try to make a rule that you have to ask before. I actually love that my kids friends love being here so much.