Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tarzaning Between Here, There & Wherever

Last Saturday started what is going to be the beginning of crazy weekends until the middle of June. Unexpectedly (sort of), last Monday my brother-in-law's dad, Doug Hartley, passed away. I say "unexpectedly" because he had recently renewed his golf membership, but "sort of" because he has been unwell for 4 (or so) years. So we packed up & drove down to Raytown for his funeral on Saturday. It was really nice...as funerals go. Next weekend Monty's niece, Jenna, goes through the Temple for the first time to take out her Endowments. That will be exciting. We haven't been to the Temple since I was pregnant with Haiden in December of 2000....at least I haven't...Monty has done some baptisms with the youth. Then the next day is my niece's, Joanna, High School Graduation. The ceremony is in the morning & then the Grand March is in the evening. We plan to come home that evening. The weekend after that is Jenna's Bridal Luncheon/Shower thing. I haven't completely committed to that. We'll see though! So far, the following weekend is the only one that we will be home. Haiden has a Stake Cub Activity though. Then......The weekend after that is Jenna & Blake's Wedding. We are really excited! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* NOW...after all that....There was no mention of the potential "house hunting" we might be doing. Monty is taking the rest of the week off work to do some of that. We did find a place last Friday that we reeeeeeally like. If we don't find anything different &/or better by Thursday & after we have re-seen that place, we may very well end up putting an offer in on it. It has only been up for 2 1/2 weeks, but our house was only up for 13 days. We have the house inspection tomorrow, so hopefully they won't find that it's on the brink of falling into a pit. I would hate to know that we've been living in a "death-trap" for all this long. Phew...after re-reading all this....I'M TIRED!!!!!

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  1. Sorry to giggle, but..."He just renewed his golf membership"...that was funny. Maybe benefits roll over in the beyond.