Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pineridge to Evergreen.....Do you see a theme?

WE'RE MOVING!!!!!! WE'RE MOVING!!! WE'RE REALLY MOVING!!! So last week (Wednesday) we found our "Dream House"....& later that evening we put in an offer. The negotiations went back & forth until 11:35 that night & we finally settled on their "final offer" at 11:30 the next morning. We'll have a garage & an en suite & our very own yard, waaaaay more bathrooms than I care to clean, a bedroom for each of the boys & the washer & dryer that originally were not included in the sale. Having the ability to separate all the boys to their own quadrants will avert WWIII. The brand new school (set to open September 1st) is just down the street. There is a Church 1 block down & around the corner...BUT...we think that we will be sent to a different building farther away.....SO LAME. I did find out today that the secretary at the boys current school; actually lives down in Evergreen. I doubt that we will see her, but it just reminded me that "it's a small small world". Even though I will miss all my wonderful friends in the NE, it's not like I'm moving to the Moon. I do think I know a few people down there. I'm soooo excited & sooooooooooooooooooooo nervous. We take possession on July 23.


  1. You're right - Evergreen ward meets at the 24 street chapel at 9 am.

    10923 24th St SW

  2. Congrats on finding a place and good luck with your move.