Monday, August 30, 2010

Counting Down the Days...

So....we've had a really busy Summer...what with 4 trips down South which include 3 trips to the Temple which include 2 Weddings. Then of course, there has been extra stuff...a funeral & a graduation. We moved in the middle of July which we had been preparing for for about a month prior to happening. Allllllllll along I've been counting down the days until the boys go back to school. We are now officially down to 3 days until the boys not just start school, but start at a brand new school for all of them. I'm glad that they are all on even ground in that respect & that none of them will be "the new kid" 'cuz everyone will be new. I remember a day back last November when I was parked by the school, waiting for the bell to ring. I watched Chay standing in line by the door. I couldn't help think how fast the time is going. Haiden was in Grade 3 & Chayse was in Grade 1. At that very moment, I couldn't even imagine Brigham standing in line. I think he's small for his age, but he's soooo smart, busy & imaginative....He'll do fine!! 3 DAYS!!!!! YAAAAAY!!!!!

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  1. It is very SCARY!! I cross my fingers with you and pray that the kids will be fine. I hear your fears sissta!!