Monday, August 2, 2010

I wish I had had.....

So we've been HERE for 3 weeks. We went to our new ward for the first time this Sunday. We arrived about 10 minutes early. We sat in the middle of the Chapel..... ......ONLY 3 FRICKIN' PEOPLE GREETED US (after Sacrament Meeting).....And not a single one of those people was a member of the Bishopric. I guess the reality of that is that we have been absolutely & truly spoiled when it comes to great & loving Bishops. (Please allow me to name names....Bishop Mayne Root, Bishop David Bly, Bishop Geoff Grunewald, Bishop Dean Crapo & as of late Bishop Jerome Wigg.) I really do hope that our new Bishop (& his counsillors) turn out better to be than what I think he (they) is (are) right at this particular moment....'cuz they are seriously not lookin' to hot right now. The Relief Society President was great great great. So Rebecca, if you EVER read this...You Rock!!!! She greeted us the way that I greet most, if not all, new members....with enthusiasm & interest. I wish I had had ME to welcome us.


  1. I hear yah! I hate changing wards ...
    The old 15th ward/new sunridge ward were amazing :) I remember them being so welcoming to my family when we were investigating. It's something that really caught my parents attention ... Every ward should be so welcoming.

  2. I feel the same way. I may be biased, but I really think that the wards in our stake are some of the most friendly people ever. We miss you!